Publication day & National Poetry Month

Publication day has arrived, you see how pleased I am! Thank you to SUNY Press production team - Diane Ganeles (editor), Sue Moreale (interior), and Lisa Comstock (cover). I'm grateful to have such talented collaborators. Thank you especially to Dan Petrie and to my friends who supported and encouraged me through days of doubt. Thank you poet Mark Wunderlich for the kind foreword. And thank you Pete Lawrence for this fun & spontaneous author shot. Books can be ordered from SUNY Press  April 1, of course, Amazon. Or, if you're in the neighborhood and want a signed copy, drop by. Questions or comments, send me a note at spetriepublish(at)gmail.

Story maps are a wonderful thing. They allow an individual to go as deeply and creatively into a geographical region as one likes, gathering history, terrain, people, landmarks, and emotion. One has the freedom to experience and blend all sorts of events and perspectives and visuals. Here's to approaching poetry with fresh eyes and creating forms that reflect uniquely American perspectives. 

Susan Petrie